Pulsed electric field technology involves the application of microsecond high voltage pulses. The required treatment time is less than a second. The pulses are applied at repetition rates of up to a maximum of 1000 pulses per second to allow sufficient treatment of all volume elements.

PEF Specialist

Pulsemaster specializes in pulsed electric field processing and aims to apply this innovative technology, also known as electroporation, across a wide range of applications in the food industry. This technology is utilized not only for mild food preservation but also as a means to enhance process efficiency and product quality.

PEF technology holds tremendous potential in both the food & beverage industry and scientific sectors. Pulsemaster is dedicated to harnessing and disseminating the full potential of pulsed electric field treatment, assisting companies in improving their processes and products.


PEF technology meets the industry’s demand for natural and clean processes. Pulsemaster’s industrial-sized Conditioner focuses on physical processes in the food industry to maximize the impact of raw materials and enhance food quality and safety.


Pulsemaster’s Liquidus is designed to meet the research requirements of the beverages industry and scientific sectors. This versatile continuous unit is offered for research purposes and small production runs, aiming to enhance product and process optimization in the beverage industry.


Pulsemaster’s Solidus is an impressively effective Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) pilot-scale batch unit capable of treating both solids and liquids for research purposes. The use of Pulsemaster’s Solidus extends beyond solid items like fruits, plants, and vegetables. It can also treat intact animal tissues, such as pieces of meat and fish, to optimize curing time, drying, marination, and tumbling processes.


Pulsemaster’s Membrana conductivity measurement device enables the measurement and analysis of permeability in intact solid plant tissues or whole organs, such as potatoes and sugar beets, before and after PEF treatment. This device allows you to assess the effects of electroporation on vegetable tissue during manufacturing. By analyzing these effects, you can determine which PEF parameters will yield the most optimal treatment results.

Pulsemaster combines years of unique experience with pulsed power technology


Pulsemaster, an innovative Dutch-German company, boasts years of unique experience in pulsed electric field processing. Its production facility is located in Hapert, The Netherlands. Our highly skilled engineering team possesses extensive knowledge and industry experience, having designed and built over 70 PEF systems since 2009 for a wide range of applications and outputs in the global food industry.

Global Support

Pulsemaster offers global support. In Lohne (Oldenburg), Lower Saxony, the company maintains an office serving the German market. Additionally, in Woodstock, NB, Canada, there is an office dedicated to the North American market. The company is committed to further growth and actively expands its export activities.

Marx Solid-State Pulse Generators

Our typology utilizes Marx solid-state pulse generators with rectangular, unipolar pulse wave shapes. These pulse generators have a proven track record in the food industry and research applications.

All PEF systems used in the industry to produce French fries and crisps, built according to the Marx solid-state typology and successfully operating in the potato industry in Germany, the US, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Australia, India, and China, are technically derived from the work of Pulsemaster’s highly qualified team of German engineering experts. Our robust Marx solid-state typology ensures better pulse control and high reliability.

Power Range

Pulsemaster can provide a range of robust PEF systems, covering a wide power range of up to 100kW per system. The design of Pulsemaster PEF systems is adaptable for any regional installation and control system requirements and complies with all regional certification standards. Each Pulsemaster PEF system is constructed using the highest quality German and Dutch engineering, designed to withstand continuous operation (24/7) in the industry.

Pulsemaster supports innovation and manufactures a range of PEF systems for science and research organizations, tailored to suit specific research need


As an innovative company, Pulsemaster collaborates with leading universities and research institutes in the field of pulsed electric field (PEF) food processing. We facilitate tests and research for our customers, working closely together to develop state-of-the-art applications.

Harness the power of PEF with Pulsemaster to grow your business. Pulsed electric field technology opens up new process applications that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

PEF Product Development

Under the brand name Solidus, Pulsemaster manufactures a PEF pilot-scale batch system for research purposes. We offer this versatile Solidus pilot-scale batch unit for sale or trial rental. It employs a cell disintegration method based on pulsed electric fields, offering a non-thermal cell membrane permeabilization treatment to enhance process optimization in the food industry. The Solidus PEF batch system enables the assessment of PEF’s impact on plant cell viability in intact solid plant tissues or whole organs, such as potatoes and sugar beets.

Pulsemaster also manufactures a PEF pilot-scale continuous system under the brand name Liquidus for research purposes. The versatile Liquidus continuous unit, available for sale or trial rental, is designed for microbial inactivation using pulsed electric fields. This non-thermal treatment enhances process optimization in the beverage industry. The Liquidus PEF system allows for the analysis of PEF’s impact on liquids, such as fresh juices, and is suitable for continuous operation in food technology centers and the juice industry.

Additionally, Pulsemaster supplies a conductivity measurement device, branded as Membrana, to both the food and beverage industry and the scientific sector. This easy-to-use device meets our customers’ research needs and can analyze both solids and liquids for analytical and research purposes.


We invite commercial companies and the science sector to explore specific applications of PEF technology for science-based precision processing of healthy, structured, and tasteful foods and beverages.