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Pulsemaster PEF olive oil

Thomas Rohe

PEF and extraction efficiency of cold pressed olive oil

A Pulsemaster PEF-system for olive oil processing

Pulsemaster have succesfully developed a dedicated Pulsed Electric Field system for olive oil processing, max 10 US tons/h (9,000 kg/h) loading rate. Pulsemaster’s PEF is a physical, non-thermal and low-energy processing method that may complement the crushing step of the olives by formation of pores in cell membranes. Objective is permeabilisation of cell membranes leading to cell disruption. Cell disruption in terms of applied electric field intensity and pulse number, which can be exploited to increase yield and quality (aroma’s) from day 0 to the end of storage.

Maximizing the extraction yield and improve aroma concentration

In olive oil processing, Pulsed Electric Field technology can be used to enhance cold pressed olive oil extraction at lower temperatures, to obtain a higher yield and more aroma’s. Even important, PEF processing can reduce processing time in olive oil plants.

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Thomas Rohe

Pulsemaster sells 100kW PEF-system to French fry processor

Pulsemaster sells 100kW PEF-system to French fry processor for up to 132.000 lbs (60 tons) potatoes per hour.

Pulsemaster, a global leader in Pulsed Electric Field systems for potato processing, announces that it has entered into an agreement for the sale of a 100kW Pulsed Electric Field system to a major producer of high quality French fries and potato specialities.

The customer is EU-based and operates in the potato processing industry.

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