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PEF Compact set up

Mark de Boevere

Compact PEF system from Pulsemaster treats up to 10 tph

Pulsemaster has launched a compact industrial-scale pulsed electric field (PEF) solution for the
treatment of tubers, roots, vegetables and fruits at up to 10 tons per hour.

Designed for the small and mid-scale production line

The new Pulsemaster Compact PEF system is a robust, all-in-one unit with a small footprint, which is
designed to suit small and mid-scale production lines. The Compact PEF system is easy to install in a
production line, quick to start up and has low energy and water requirements.


The benefits of PEF are based on an effect known as electroporation, which results in tissue

Better French fries and crisps

The texture softening (reduced cell pressure) that this machine achieves improves cutting, reduces
starch loss, feathering, breakage and increases yield. Controlled moisture release and smoother
surfaces allows decreased oil uptake, reduced frying time and temperature during the frying

Frozen vegetables high in water content

For frozen vegetables and fruits manufacturing PEF as a wet disruption method of plant cells, prior
to the dehydration and freezing processes. To produce frozen vegetables and fruits like strawberry,
peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms with authentic flavours. A portion of the free water
contained in the vegetable is extracted before freezing which preserves its cellular structure and
organoleptic qualities.

More information:

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