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PEF Compact set up

Mark de Boevere

From potatoes to premium products: Pulsemaster leads the charge in food processing innovation

Pulsemaster has launched an industrial-scale pulsed electric field (PEF) system designed for the treatment of tubers, roots, vegetables, and fruits, capable of processing up to 10 tons per hour.

Designed for Small and Mid-Scale Production Lines

In a significant advancement for the food processing industry, Pulsemaster has introduced a new groundbreaking compact industrial-scale pulsed electric field (PEF) system. This cutting-edge technology, designed to treat tubers, roots, vegetables, and fruits, can process up to an impressive 10 tons per hour, setting a new standard in food treatment efficiency.

Innovation at the Forefront: Compact PEF System

Pulsemaster’s Compact PEF System is a beacon of innovation, particularly for smaller producers who previously found advanced technologies unattainable. This system not only empowers them with cutting-edge technology but also fosters creativity and experimentation in food processing. Its versatility in handling diverse products marks a significant leap in PEF applications, expanding from staple foods to exotic fruits, offering new textures and tastes to consumers.

Says Thomas Rohe, Engineering Director of Pulsemaster: “A strong point of our approach is the use of a sufficiently large PEF chamber to fit large potato tubers without restricting the range of electric field strengths. The PEF treatment chamber is fully encapsulated and the electrode system is properly grounded allowing safe operation. Off-the-shelf components and standardized parts are used in engineering the PEF systems.”

“Pulsemaster continuous, industrial scale PEF systems have shown high process performance, reliability as well as applicability in the food industry worldwide. Our Pulsemaster PEF systems are based around a Marx solid-state pulse generator, which creates a rectangular, unipolar pulse wave shape. These applied pulse generators have a proven track record in food industry.”

Pulsemaster’s exhibit, located in Hall 10.1 – Stand G020

Pulsemaster is poised to unveil its latest advancements in pulsed electric field (PEF) technology at the upcoming Anuga FoodTec 2024. The event, a focal point for industry experts, will take place in Cologne, Germany, from March 19 to 22. Pulsemaster’s exhibit, located in Hall 10.1 – Stand G020, is expected to draw considerable attention from professionals, especially those in the potato processing sector.

Enhancing Potato Processing: A Leap Forward

Pulsemaster’s influence in potato processing transcends mere efficiency; it’s about quality transformation. The technology ensures that potatoes retain their natural flavor and nutritional value while being processed with minimal waste.

This leads to a range of high-quality potato products, satisfying the modern consumer’s desire for both taste and health. The technology’s ability to reduce oil uptake is particularly revolutionary, offering a healthier alternative to traditional fried snacks.

According to Mark de Boevere, Managing Director of Pulsemaster, “easier cutting also means there is less wear and tear of cutting blades. Processors using the Pulsemaster’s PEF system obtain their biggest benefit when cutting long thin French fries from big raw potatoes.

“We have determined that processors can expect on average less than 0.5% breakage of fries after PEF-treatment of raw potatoes. This means a reduction of the industry standard of 2,5%-3% breakage to less than 0.5% breakage with our PEF technology.”, says De Boevere.

Sustainability and Efficiency: A Key Focus

Pulsemaster’s technology is a symbol of sustainable innovation. By significantly reducing energy and water consumption, it addresses critical environmental concerns. This efficiency resonates with the global trend towards sustainable food production, attracting environmentally conscious consumers. The reduced carbon footprint of their systems not only benefits the planet but also enhances the brand image of their clients, who are seen as responsible and forward-thinking.

Werner Kohorst, Technical Director of Pulsemaster confirms: “A company with a PEF system not only saves energy, but also follows the general trend towards CO2 reduction. As a practical example, a customer decided to install a Pulsemaster PEF system in his factory.

“Water consumption was reduced by more than 100,000 liters per day in the first year. In addition, the PEF system at this plant will save approximately 1,800 tons CO2 (heating with natural gas: approx. 0.2 kg CO2 per kWh) per year and reduce energy consumption by approximately 33,000 gigajoules (corresponds to 9,166,666 kWh).”

“Pulsemaster has the ambition to scale up Pulsed Electric Field processing across food systems. At Pulsemaster, we want to make a positive difference for our customers and also for the world we live in. We meet customers and we explain our solutions and how our products can improve their operations and businesses. That was always our main aim: To help our customers to become more profitable and also more sustainable”, says Werner Kohorst.

Expanding Horizons: Diverse Applications

The versatility of Pulsemaster’s PEF technology is its standout feature. In olive oil extraction, it increases yield while preserving the oil’s natural aroma and taste. In juice processing, the technology enhances shelf life without compromising nutritional value.

Such diverse applications demonstrate Pulsemaster’s commitment to enhancing not just productivity but also the sensory and nutritional quality of food products.

“All PEF systems based on Marx solid-state typology successfully running in the potato industry in Germany, the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Serbia, Australia, India, and China for making French fries and crisps technically originate from the work of Werner Kohorst and Thomas Rohe,” says De Boevere.

A Global Impact: Worldwide Adoption and Success Stories

The global adoption of Pulsemaster’s PEF technology is a testament to its effectiveness. Food processors around the world are experiencing tangible benefits in product quality and operational efficiency. This international recognition not only cements Pulsemaster’s status as a leader in food technology but also serves as a catalyst for further innovation and expansion in new markets and applications.

Ben Lemieux, Key Account Manager for Pulsemaster in the Americas says: “Imagine needing 40 percent less force to cut potatoes for French fries. The result is not just a better cut but also a product that is less prone to breaking. The blanching and frying times are notably shorter.

“Tougher produce like sweet potatoes, turnips, and beetroots are now easily processed into French fries and veggie chips. Even intricate cuts such as deep ridges, waffles, or lattices are simpler to achieve with higher yields,” Lemieux says.

Future Prospects: Advancing Food Processing Technology

Pulsemaster’s future is bright with potential. Its ongoing research in areas like meat and dairy processing is poised to open new chapters in food technology. These developments are not just about improving processes; they’re about reimagining the way we produce and consume food, making it healthier, more sustainable, and more enjoyable for consumers around the globe.

Pioneering a New Era in Food Technology

Pulsemaster’s journey is not just a story of technological advancement; it’s a narrative of how innovation can revolutionize an industry. With each breakthrough, Pulsemaster is not only enhancing the present but also shaping the future of food processing. Their commitment to sustainability, quality, and efficiency resonates with the global move towards responsible consumption.

As they continue to explore new horizons, Pulsemaster remains dedicated to delivering technologies that benefit not just the food industry but also consumers and the environment. Their vision extends beyond the confines of current technology, aiming to create a future where food processing is synonymous with quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Pulsemaster, through its relentless pursuit of excellence, stands as a beacon in the food technology sector, leading the charge towards a healthier, more sustainable, and more flavorful future.

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