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COST video about electroporation

Mark de Boevere

Electroporation makes it possible

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Electroporation is a surprising natural phenomenon with enormous potential. This video, supported by the European COST project, explains why.

Increased membrane permeability

Electroporation involves increased cell membrane permeability due to high voltage electric pulses. This innovative technology allows molecules to either permeate into the cell, or leave the cell, which is not possible under normal circumstances for numerous important molecules.

Deal with pressing challenges

Electroporation can be successfully used to deal with the world’s most pressing challenges related to health, food, energy and environment. Increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy, gene therapy, food processing and biotechnological processes are only a few of its possible applications. It is an excellent opportunity for scientists, developers and investors.

European cooperation

COST ‒ European Cooperation in Science and Technology ‒ is an intergovernmental European framework. COST brings together and coordinates European community research in electroporation. Industry also takes part in this project.

More information about COST:

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