Archief: november 2021

Big Potato

Werner Kohorst

Pulsemaster’s PEF systems: Proven to produce long, thin fries from big potatoes

Pulsemaster is a leading provider of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) systems for the potato processing industry globally. Pulsed electric field treatment of potatoes being processed contribute to cell breakdown of the potatoes, which results in a number of benefits for the customer, including improved cutting quality, resulting in smoother surfaces of French fries. It has also been proven to provide processors with higher yields in that lesser volumes of starch is produced.

Wear and tear of cutting blades curtailed

“Easier cutting also means there is less wear and tear of cutting blades,” says Mark de Boevere, Managing director of Pulsemaster.

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Elastic fry potato

Thomas Rohe

Agristo doubles down on innovation with new Pulsemaster PEF systems

  • PEF

In a significant stride toward enhancing potato processing, Agristo, a renowned producer of premium French fries and potato specialties, has once again chosen Pulsemaster’s cutting-edge Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology, investing in two additional 100 kW PEF systems. This move not only solidifies Agristo’s commitment to quality but also cements Pulsemaster’s status as a frontrunner in the potato processing industry.

A Partnership Rooted in Excellence

Operating from Belgium and Holland, Agristo has long been a name synonymous with high standards in the potato processing industry. Their continued collaboration with Pulsemaster, as they acquire their third and fourth PEF systems, speaks volumes about the trust and efficacy established in this partnership. Mark de Boevere, Managing Director of Pulsemaster, expresses his delight, “We are extremely pleased that a European customer with such high standards and a global reputation has agreed to purchase additional Pulsemaster PEF systems.”

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