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Exploit with Pulsemaster the power of PEF. Pulsed electric field technology can make your business grow

Mark de Boevere

Pulsemaster Establishes North American Office

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The Dutch company Pulsemaster has established an office for the North American market in Woodstock, NB, Canada. Aiming for further growth in the potato, fruit, and vegetable industry, Pulsemaster is rapidly expanding its export activities.

“Our new generation PEF technology is garnering significant interest from the potato industry worldwide,” states Mark de Boevere, Managing Director of Pulsemaster.

Pulsemaster’s innovative PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) systems have made significant advancements in potato processing. PEF treatment causes poration of potato cells, leading to cell disintegration, positioning these systems as an excellent alternative to traditional preheaters in the potato industry.

The PEF treatment enhances cut quality and notably decreases the breakage of French fries. Additionally, it contributes to reduced water and energy usage in potato processing, and shortens blanching, drying, and prefrying times. Another key advantage is the improved leaching of sugars.

The treatment also has the potential to reduce frying oil absorption and fat content by up to 50%.