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Pulsemaster PEF olive oil

Thomas Rohe

Revolutionary PEF Technology by Pulsemaster Boosts Olive Oil Production and Quality

In a groundbreaking advancement for the olive oil industry, Pulsemaster has unveiled an innovative Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) system, revolutionizing olive oil processing. This state-of-the-art technology, capable of handling up to 10 US tons/h (9,000 kg/h), promises to dramatically enhance the efficiency and quality of cold-pressed olive oil.

A New Era in Olive Oil Processing

The Pulsemaster PEF system represents a significant leap forward in olive oil extraction. It’s a game-changer that brings a new dimension to the traditional process, employing a non-thermal, low-energy method that complements the crucial crushing step. By forming pores in the cell membranes of olives, it aims to permeate these membranes, leading to enhanced cell disruption. The result? A marked increase in yield and aroma quality from the very first day of storage.

Transforming the Cold Pressing Process

Cold-pressed olive oil is cherished for its quality and flavor, but traditional extraction methods often fall short in efficiency. Pulsemaster’s PEF technology steps in to fill this gap, allowing for a more efficient extraction at lower temperatures. The process not only yields a higher quantity of oil but also enriches its aroma. An added bonus is the significant reduction in processing time, a boon for olive oil plants.

Overcoming the Bottlenecks of Olive Oil Production

Typically, olive oil extraction involves several steps – from olive reception and cleaning to crushing, malaxing, and finally centrifugation. However, the malaxation process, a batch operation crucial for oil drop coalescence, often becomes a bottleneck. Pulsemaster’s PEF system effectively addresses this issue by enhancing the malaxation process, thus optimizing the entire production line.

Enhancing Malaxation for Superior Oil

Malaxation plays a vital role in determining both the yield and quality of the final product. Pulsemaster’s PEF treatment, positioned post-crushing, effectively treats the olive paste before malaxation. By disrupting the cell envelopes, it facilitates oil release, addressing the industry’s challenge where typically 20% of the oil remains trapped inside the cells post-crushing.

A Win-Win for Producers and Consumers

This innovative approach doesn’t just promise a 4% to 10% increase in extraction efficiency; it also ensures the oil is rich in valuable compounds. For olive oil enthusiasts, this means enjoying oil that is closer to the essence of fresh olives – full of flavor, aroma, and nutritional value.

Pulsemaster’s Invitation to Olive Oil Processors

Pulsemaster extends an invitation to commercial olive oil processing companies to explore the myriad benefits of their PEF technology. This isn’t just an advancement in olive oil processing; it’s a transformative approach that brings together tradition and technology, promising a future where quality, efficiency, and flavor coexist harmoniously in every bottle of cold-pressed olive oil.

We welcome contact from commercial olive oil processing companies, interested in exploring the benefits of Pulsemaster PEF-technology to enhance cold press olive oil processing.

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