Pulsemaster’s pulsed electric field equipment


Pulsemaster supplies pulsed electric field (PEF) systems to both the food and beverage industry, and the scientific sector. We offer industrial turnkey solutions and fully integrated systems under the brand name Conditioner for PEF treatment of solids, semi solids and liquids.


Under the brand name Solidus we offer pilot-scale batch systems to meet our customer’s research requirements. Pulsemaster’s Solidus pilot-scale batch unit can PEF treat solids and semi solids for research purposes and can be used for small production runs.


Under the brand name Liquidus we offer pilot-scale continuous systems to meet our customer’s research requirements. Pulsemaster’s Liquidus continuous unit can PEF treat liquids for research purposes and can be used for small continuous production runs for liquids.

PEF Compact set up

Compact PEF system from Pulsemaster treats up to 10 tph.
Designed for the small and mid-scale production line.

PEF systems

for the food and beverage industry

Pulsemaster has the answers for maximizing the effect of your raw materials and enhancing food quality and safety. Under the brand name Conditioner we manufacture a range of industrial systems to meet our customer’s production requirements. These turnkey solutions are fully integrated and modular systems for either cell disintegration of solids or microbial inactivation of liquids.

The typical average power range of our industrial pulsed electric field systems is up to 100 kW  and the pulses are applied at repetition rates of up to a maximum of 500 pulses per second to allow sufficient treatment of all volume elements.
As a continuous short-time process with low space requirements, pulsed electric field processing systems can easily be implemented in existing lines.

Cell disintegration of solids

Machine Cell Disintegration of Solids

For cell disintegration applications a typical processing line consists of a transport system, a treatment tank unit, a transformer unit and a pulse generator unit. Our range of systems for cell disintegration of solids like fruit, vegetables and potatoes allows processing capacities of 1 to 60 tons per hour (132,000 lb/h) per system. Pulsemaster’s largest industrial sized PEF equipment up to 150kW per system, allows processing capacities as high as 198.000 lb of potatoes per hour (90 tons per hour) to meet the growing demand for higher input capacities in potato industry. All of which results in improved output of French fries in lb/h or tons per hour, reduced costs of ownership and higher product quality. The belt transport systems are an optimum solution for the treatment of potato tubers, roots, vegetables and fruits.


Microbial inactivation of liquids

Microbial inactivation of liquids

For mild preservation of beverages and other (semi)liquids a typical processing line consists of a supply tank, a fluid pump, a transformer unit, a pulse generator unit, a cooler (if required) and a buffer tank. The capacities of our systems vary from 30 liters (8 US gallon) up to to 5000 liters (1320 US gallon) per hour per system. Flow, temperature, and energy delivery are constantly measured.

Processing raw milk, cheese-making milk, yoghurt drinks or whey, using Pulsemaster’s pulsed electric field treatment enables the inactivation of the microbial cells, resulting in an extended shelf life and retention of fresh taste and healthy compounds. Pulsemaster’s PEF-technology uses low temperatures to ensure that freshness and precious, natural nutritional value are retained, achieving a higher probiotic value.

Shelf life increase

Pulsemaster’s proprietary PEF-technology can be used to treat fresh juices and smoothies. By permeabilizing cell membranes of micro-organisms PEF enables a targeted shelf life increase, retaining product quality and freshness. Pulsmaster’s juice applications reflect the value of Pulsemaster’s PEF-technology in achieving microbial cleanliness while simultaneously retaining the inherent qualities of the product. Agreements can include the supply of Liquid handling equipment to complete the project.

Enhanced extraction from fruit mashes and vegetables

Our range of systems also enables enhanced extraction of vitamins, colour and antioxidants from fruit mashes and vegetables, as well as achieving an increased yield of juice.

Pulsemaster Conditioner

Unique features


Marx solid-state generator operation principle is discharge of capacitors in series. The stored energy is discharged into a well defined load (treatment chamber). Switching in series gives a fast rise time of the pulse, which is necessary for an effective PEF treatment. A fast rise time, is a unique feature of our concept.
In addition, Pulsemaster has developed innovative switching power supplies that utilize advanced capacitor charging technology that enables our systems to be significantly more reliable than comparable products. Advantages are Operator safety, improved modulator reliability and pulse-to-pulse control.

Power range

Power supply unit

Our robust Marx solid-state typology enables better pulse control and high reliability. Pulsemaster can supply a range of robust PEF systems, covering a wide power range up to 100kW per system. The design of these tailor-made pulsed electric field systems is compact and modular for easy integration and power upgrade. Our industrial PEF systems are not only easy to use, but also easy to service and maintain, thanks to the modular design with field replaceable units.

Our highly skilled engineering experts have deep knowledge and industry experience in designing and building over 70 PEF systems since 2009 for a broad spectrum of applications and outputs in the food industry worldwide. The applied pulse generators have a proven track record for food industry and research applications.

Marx solid-state typology pulse generators


The use of Marx solid-state, high voltage pulsed power systems for PEF processing is the key to commercial applications. Solid-state technology allows this pulsed electric fields technology to scale from pilot-scale batch units for research applications to large-scale food processing systems as demonstrated by the commercial adoption of PEF with over 70 Marx solid-state typology systems installed worldwide since 2009.

Highest quality engineering

High Quality Pef Engineering

All PEF systems used by industry to make French fries and crisps, built according to Marx solid-state typology and running succesfully in potato industry in Germany, US, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Australia, India and China, technically originate from the work of Pulsemaster’s highly qualified team of German engineering experts. The design of Pulsemaster PEF systems are suitable for any regional installation and control system requirements and adhere to all regional certification requirements. Each Pulsemaster PEF system is built with the highest quality German and Dutch engineering to withstand continuous operation (24/24) in industry.


The pulse generator unit can be installed at a maximum of 20 meters from the treatment tank unit with the transport belt and treatment chamber. This also allows you to install the pulse generator unit outside the actual production hall in a climate controlled corridor and the treatment tank unit with the transport belt and treatment chamber inside the production hall.

Robust, modular & hygienic design

All our systems are robust with proven solid state components for the pulse generators and a UL and CE approved design. The input power options are versatile. Our modular design is executed with so-called field replaceable units and enables power upgrades. For example, you can upgrade your existing 50kW system to 100kW. If desired we adapt and customize our systems to your specific requirements.


Quality conditioners

Pulsemaster’s Conditioners are built according to the highest quality engineering standards to withstand 24/24 continuous operation and to deliver optimal performance and energy efficiency. Energy is delivered in form of rectangular pulses with highest energy efficiency, to limit electric power consumption.


Hygiene pef machines

All our units have a food compliant hygienic design and are made of durable food grade materials, They also are CIP (Clean In Place) or SIP (Steam In Place) ready. A complete control of process parameters and online monitoring of treatment dose is possible to comply with all HACCP requirements.

Easy operation and maintenance


Stand alone touchscreen operation or remote controlled operation is possible. PLC integration and extensive monitoring options guarantee ease of operation. Another feature is the logging of process parameters and connectivity to external PLC. All Conditioners are designed for easy implementation into your existing production line.


Remote monitoring, services and maintenance are included in the design of a Pulsemaster’s Conditioner. All machines have safety interlock switches and easy service access for cleaning, inspection and maintenance.

PEF systems

For science and research

Pulsemaster manufactures a range of systems for science and research organizations, tailored to suit specific research needs. Under the brand name Solidus we manufacture PEF pilot-scale batch systems to meet our customer’s research requirements. Our Pulsemaster Solidus PEF pilot-scale batch unit can treat solids and liquids for research purposes.

Pulsemaster offers this versatile Solidus pilot-scale batch unit for sale or trial rental. It is a cell disintegration method based on pulsed electric fields. A non-thermal cell membrane permeabilization treatment, to enhance process optimisation in food industry. Pulsemaster’s Solidus PEF batch system allows you to determine the impact of PEF on plant cell viability in intact solid plant tissues or whole organs, like potatoes, sugar beets and carrots. The use of this Solidus batch unit is not limited to solids like fruits, plants and vegetables. Intact animal tissues like pieces of meat and fish can be PEF treated to optimize cure time, drying, marination and tumble processes.



The design of these tailor-made pulsed electric field systems is compact and modular for easy integration and power upgrade. The science systems are not only easy to use, but also easy to service and maintain, thanks to the modular design with field replaceable units. A sufficient large PEF chamber can be used to fit large solids like potato tubers and the use of this large chamber does not restrict the range of electric field strengths that can be used. The PEF treatment chamber is fully encapsulated and the electrode system is properly grounded. Off-the-shelf components and standardized parts are used whenever possible in engineering the Solidus PEF pilot-scale batch unit. The electric field strength is adjusted by the output voltage. The specific energy is calculated based on the number of pulses applied.



Pulsemaster supplies a conductivity measurement device to both the food and beverage industry, and the scientific sector. Under the brand name Membrana we offer an easy-to-use conductivity measurement device to meet our customer’s research requirements. Pulsemaster’s Membrana can analyse solids and liquids for analytical and research purposes.

The Membrana system consist of a conductivity measurement device and multiple treatment chambers. The system is compact and portable, easy-to-use and gives instant results.

The effect of electroporation in the potato, before cutting

The effect of electroporation in the potato, before cutting

Pulsemaster’s Membrana conductivity measurement device will allow potato processors to measure and analyze permeability of the cells of the potatoes before and after PEF treatment. With this device you are able to measure the effect of electroporation of vegetable tissue, during manufacturing. The objective of this conductivity measurement is to analyze the effect of PEF parameters in your raw potatoes. The PEF parameters will give you optimal treatment results for your potato cultivars, to make French fries and crisps.

The Membrana system is a versatile conductivity measurement device for measuring and analyzing plant tissue disintegration, operable in batch mode. CE approval as standard.