Mild Preservation of Baby Food

Product Examples: Vegetable and fruit puree, milk powder, infant formula.

Aim of PEF Treatment: Microbial inactivation, reducing microbial load in powders.

Increased Shelf Life and Retained Product Quality

PEF treatment effectively kills microorganisms while leaving valuable vitamins, antioxidants, pigments, and colors intact. This results in a healthier, fresher, and more appetizing baby food product compared to those preserved thermally. The combination of PEF treatment and spray drying significantly reduces the microbial load in dairy protein-based infant formulas, with minimal impact on the proteins.

Benefits PEF

  • Reduced microbial load in powders.
  • Higher process efficiency due to reductions in energy, labor, and operational costs.
  • Preservation of vitamins, minerals, pigments, antioxidants, and flavors, resulting in a healthier, fresher, and more appealing final product.
  • Minimal impact on bioactive milk proteins.
  • Extended shelf life enhances flexibility in production planning.
  • Continuous process and rapid technique.
  • Compact equipment footprint and quick process startup.
  • Low energy requirements.

More Information

Pulsemaster has developed industrial-scale equipment, named Conditioner, capable of treating up to 5,000 liters per hour (1320 US gallons per hour) for microbial inactivation.

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