Mild Preservation of Dairy and Egg Products

Product Examples: Milk products, yogurt drinks, desserts, spray-dried milk powder, whey powder, protein-based infant formula, liquid eggs.
Aim PEF treatment: Microbial inactivation, increased shelf life

Heat Sensitivity

For heat-sensitive liquid foods where thermal pasteurization is not feasible, PEF treatment offers significant advantages. Fresh milk, which contains vital heat-sensitive bioactive components like vitamins and proteins, benefits greatly from Pulsemaster’s process. This method achieves microbial inactivation in heat-sensitive liquids and viscous semi-liquids by permeabilizing the cell membranes of microorganisms, thereby enabling a targeted increase in shelf life while maintaining product quality and freshness.

Mild Preservation of Milk

There is growing global interest in raw milk due to its health benefits and rich, full flavor. Mild preservation using pulsed electric field technology is an excellent method to ensure the safety of raw milk without compromising its nutrients and flavor. The required field strength for treating milk is between 10 and 20 kV/cm, with energy delivery ranging from 100 to 600 kJ/kg.

Spray Drying at Low Temperatures

In dairy production, combining PEF treatment with spray drying at low temperatures is beneficial for producing milk powders. This approach reduces the microbial load in milk powder and whey protein without destroying the activity of bioactive molecules.

Egg Processing

Liquid whole egg processing, which combines PEF treatment with storage at low temperatures, extends shelf life without needing preservatives. PEF treatment of liquid whole eggs reduces viscosity but enhances color compared to fresh eggs.

Benefits of PEF

  • Mild preservation
  • Extended shelf life
  • Higher process efficiency through reductions in energy, labor, and operational costs
  • Retention of vitamins, minerals, pigments, antioxidants, and flavors, resulting in a healthier, fresher, and more appealing final product
  • Minimal impact on bioactive milk proteins
  • Extended shelf life offers greater flexibility in production planning
  • Continuous process and rapid technique
  • Small equipment footprint and quick process startup
  • Low energy requirements

More Information

Pulsemaster has developed industrial-scale equipment, named Conditioner, capable of treating up to 5,000 liters per hour (1320 US gallons per hour) for microbial inactivation. Suitable field strengths range from 10 to 20 kV/cm, with energy delivery between 100 to 600 kJ/kg.

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