PEF Treatment of Fish

Product Examples: Fresh fish fillets, fresh fish, dried fish, salted fish, marinated fish.
Aim of PEF Treatment: Cell disintegration and improved mass transport processes, inactivation of parasites such as nematodes.

Enhanced Drying, Brining, and Marinating

Significant fish products, in addition to fresh and frozen fish, include dried, brined, or marinated fish. Mass transport processes, like moisture transport and removal, are enhanced by electroporation of fish tissue. This results in improved drying, brining, and marinating of fish. The required field strength for cell disintegration of fish is between 1.0 and 3.0 kV/cm, and the energy delivery ranges from 3 to 10 kJ/kg.

Benefits of PEF

  • Enhanced drying, brining, and marinating processes.
  • Improved micro-diffusion of brine and marinade into the fish tissue.
  • Improved water binding due to the interaction between protein, salt, and phosphate.
  • Inactivation of parasites in fish fillets.
  • Reduced labor costs.

More Information

Pulsemaster has developed a range of industrial-scale equipment, named Conditioner, for cell disintegration of fresh fish and inactivation of parasites such as nematodes in fresh fish fillets. This equipment allows processing capacities of 1 to 5 tons per hour per system.

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