PEF for food supplements production

Product examples: vitamins, minerals, pigments, antioxidants, flavors, phytochemicals, herbal extracts, algae and seaweed products

Aim PEF treatment: Microbial inactivation, cell disintegration, structure modification, stress response, drying enhancement

Keeping nutrional value

PEF treatment can improve extraction processes for the manufacturing of food supplements. The treatment does not affect valuable nutritional compounds such as vitamins, flavors and phytochemicals, which is of utmost importance for the nutritional value of the final supplement. Moreover, the extraction process itself is improved as cell walls are permeabilized , resulting in both a higher yield and a better quality.



Plant extracts

Algae products

Seaweed extracts


Benefits PEF

  • Improved extraction processes and product quality
  • Increased extraction yield
  • Increased concentration of phytochemicals due to stress induction in plant cells
  • Higher process efficiency
  • Improved moisture transport and removal

More information

Pulsemaster has developed industrial scale equipment – named Conditioner – with treatment capacities up to 5,000 l/h (1320 US gal./h) for microbial inactivation and up to 50,000 kg/h (110,000 lb/h) for cell disintegration.

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