PEF for pharmaceuticals production

Product examples: Patchouli oil, patchouli leaves, twigs, roots, stems, bulbs

Aim PEF treatment: Cell disintegration, cell wall rupture of leaves, stress response, enhanced extraction and refining efficiency

Patchouli oil

Patchouli oil is one of the pharmaceuticals the medical world is using as an antiseptic ingredient.¬†Patchouli oil, an essential oil, can be obtained by extraction of patchouli leaves. Essential oils are the result of secondary metabolites, stored in the glandular cells of leaves, twigs and stems of plants. As a result of the patchouli plant metabolism, essential oils are stored in special cells called glandular trichome (GT). Cellulose is the major cell wall component. Pulsemaster’s process allows selective extraction of the oils by rupturing of the cell walls. The rupturing facilitates the release of patchouli oil. See also: Product & process improvement.

Benefits PEF

  • Increased oil extraction yield
  • Selective extraction
  • Higher distillation process efficiency

More information

Pulsemaster has developed industrial scale equipment – named Conditioner – with treatment capacities up to 50,000 kg/h (110,000 lb/h) for cell disintegration.

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