PEF for production of protein concentrates

Product examples: Potato protein concentrates, egg white ovoalbumin, porcine blood plasma, protein rich products
Aim PEF treatment: Cell disintegration, microbial inactivation, protein structure modification, extraction enhancement

The power of protein

Our dietary intake comprises three macronutrients, namely protein, carbohydrate and lipid, and a large number of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc). The use of plant and animal based proteins to support skeletal muscle mass maintenance is growing. Proteins add nutritive value and textural quality to foods. Results obtained so far suggest that PEF can be applied to foods and beverages at intensities high enough to reduce microbial load without damaging the protein structure and functional properties such as foaming and gelling.

PEF treatment of ovoalbumin solutions

Ovoalbumin is the major protein source of egg white and the main determinant of gelling properties of egg and egg products. Decontamination of liquid ovoalbumin solutions by combined PEF treatment and storage at low temperatures will not induce permanent modifications in ovoalbumin. In contrast to thermal treatment no changes are detectable between UV spectra of native and PEF treated ovoalbumin.

Decontamination of porcine blood plasma

PEF treatment can decontaminate protein rich products without affection protein functionality. A possible application is decontamination of porcine blood plasma to reduce the microbial load of plasma powder.

Controlled protein modification

Besides decontamintation without affecting protein, PEF technology may be applied for a targeted and controlled modification of protein. The interest in this application is growing. We welcome contact from commercial companies and research institutes, who are interested in exploring specific applications of PEF technology for affecting protein structure.

Benefits PEF

  • Mild preservation without affecting protein functionality
  • Improved extraction and refining processes with reduced energy consumption
  • Increased process capacity
  • Targeted and controlled modification of protein is possible
  • Continuous process and rapid technique
  • Small equipment footprint, quick start up of the process
  • Low energy requirement

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