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Werner Kohorst

Pulsemaster’s PEF systems: Proven to produce long, thin fries from big potatoes

Pulsemaster is a leading provider of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) systems for the potato processing industry globally. Pulsed electric field treatment of potatoes being processed contribute to cell breakdown of the potatoes, which results in a number of benefits for the customer, including improved cutting quality, resulting in smoother surfaces of French fries. It has also been proven to provide processors with higher yields in that lesser volumes of starch is produced.

Wear and tear of cutting blades curtailed

“Easier cutting also means there is less wear and tear of cutting blades,” says Mark de Boevere, Managing director of Pulsemaster.

“This then leads to longer intervals between maintenance of the blades by processors. To put a number on the improvement in cutting blade life, we can confirm that 40% less cutting force is needed on average – and even 60% less force can be expected. It is clear that this has a positive effect on the knives and inevitably increases knife durability and prolongs the lifespan of cutting knives,” de Boevere points out.

Less breakage and consequently longer fries

Elastic fry potato

Processors using the Pulsemaster’s PEF system obtain their biggest benefit when cutting long, thin French fries from big, raw potatoes, according to Mark de Boevere.

“We have determined that processors can expect on average less than 0,5% breakage of fries after PEF-treatment of raw potatoes. This means a reduction of the industry standard of 2,5%-3% breakage to less than 0,5% breakage with our PEF technology.”

Mark de Boevere points to the following additional benefits of the PEF system for processors:

  • Reduced shatter/feathering
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Brighter colour
  • Reduced blanching time
  • Improved texture and crispiness
  • Reduced oil uptake
  • Higher capacity of the processing line
  • Enhanced innovation; i.e. new cuts and shapes
  • Elimination of odors and unwanted hygiene problems normally associated with preheating

Agristo, a major producer of high quality French fries and potato specialities based in recently announced that it has entered into an agreement to buy two additional 100 kW Pulsed Electric Field systems from Pulsemaster. Agristo operates their Pulsemaster’s PEF-systems across their manufacturing facilities in Belgium and Holland.