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Premium dried fruit snack

Werner Kohorst

Premium dehydrated fruit and vegetable snacks

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Pulsemaster’s Pulsed Electric Field systems and its opportunities for dehydrated healthy snack manufacturing. Healthier snacks, made from potatoes, vegetables and fruits. For food & snack processors seeking to launch new and innovative premium snack food products. Pulsemaster’s Pulsed Electric Fields technology applied as a wet disruption method of plant cells, prior to the extraction and drying processes.

A PEF pre-treatment prior to dehydration

PEF used as a pre-treatment technique to alter the plant cells of raw materials, prior to dehydration and drying processes. Pulsemaster’s PEF enables high-speed, low temperature drying above or below freezing point while preserving nutritional value, bioactivity, flavour, colour and a texture better than existing classical methods, without PEF pre-treatment.

Enhance your drying process and improve quality

PEF is your preferred pre-treatment of classical air dried, osmotic dried products and of freeze dried and vacuum dried fruit and vegetable products. Pulsemaster’s PEF is a physical, non-thermal and low-energy processing method that may complement the dehydration and drying process by formation of pores in cell membranes. Cell disruption in terms of applied electric field intensity and pulse number, which can be exploited to enhance extraction and drying processes.

Resulting in Faster drying process and improved Quality of the dried products that rival fresh

  • Improved and intensified colour, smell and authentic flavours of the dried products
  • Maintaining high levels of nutrition
  • Improved water release, while maintaining texture and shape of the products
  • To keep your dehydrated fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh tasting
  • Improved yield
  • Low energy use
  • Faster drying process time
  • Increased production capacity

Frozen vegetables high in water content

For frozen vegetables manufacturing PEF as a wet disruption method of plant cells, prior to the dehydration and freezing processes. To produce frozen vegetables like peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms with authentic flavours. A portion of the free water contained in the vegetable is extracted before freezing which preserves its cellular structure and organoleptic qualities.

Run your product trial and compare results

Do you want to know how the result of your existing process compares with PEF pre-treated dehydration, drying & freezing for processing fruits, vegetables and other heat-sensitive products?


To create your PEF pre-treated product and process success through the various stages of testing and development, Pulsemaster partners with:

Agriculture et Agri-Food Canada Saint-Hyacinthe Research and Development Centre

Saint-Hyacinthe Research and Development Centre utilizing two Pulsemaster PEF-systems for R&D for Solids and Liquids in their state-of-the-art food technology centre in Saint-Hyacinthe, near Montreal.

Cintech Agroalimentaire

Cintech Agroalimentaire, a Canadian company based out of Saint-Hyacinthe near Montreal, mastering various classical and emerging dehydration, drying and freezing technologies. Cintech Agroalimentaire can combine the use of the Pulsemaster PEF pre-treatment with various drying methods such as EnWave dehydration-technology to enhance product and process.

Product trials dehydrated fruit and vegetable snacks

For the development of dehydrated fruit and vegetable snacks Cintech can run product trials utilizing Pulsemaster PEF-technology and EnWave Radiant Energy Vacuum REV-dehydration technology. The REV-technology is a dehydration process that can control final moisture levels. A precise controlled vacuum, reduces the temperature at which water can be homogeneously and gently removed from organic material. REV dehydration technology is considered a disruptive dehydration platform in the food & snack sectors: i.e. a faster and less expensive alternative for freeze drying or air drying. EnWave is a Canadian company based out of Vancouver.

Discuss how our Pulsemaster PEF-systems can benefit your business

We welcome contact from commercial companies and science sector, interested in exploring specific applications of PEF technology for science based precision processing of healthy, structured and tasteful foods, snacks and beverages.

More information:

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