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Mark de Boevere

Pulsemaster has an office for the German market at its disposal

The Dutch company Pulsemaster has an office for the German market at its disposal in Lohne (Oldenburg), in Lower Saxony, Germany. Pulsemaster aspires to further growth in the potato, vegetable and fruit industry. The company rapidly develops export activities in Germany.

“Specially in Germany the potato industry shows great interest in our Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology to make French fries, crisps and speciality potato products. An office in Lohne with service, engineering and R&D facilities to support our PEF technology is appreciated by the German potato industry at large and by the potato processors situated near Lohne in Lower Saxony in particular”, says Pulsemaster’s Technical director Dipl.-Ing. Werner Kohorst.

Alternative for preheaters in the potato industry

In processing potatoes to potato products, for example in French fry production, PEF systems are an excellent alternative for traditional preheaters. PEF technology not only results in superior cut quality and a reduction of French fry breakage and shattering, but also improves drying efficiency. The pulsed electric field causes tiny pores in the potato cell walls, also known as cell permeabilization, which facilitates cutting, blanching, drying and frying processes.

Increase yields and to reduce the cost of processes

“Commercial-scale development of pulsed electric field systems continues at Pulsemaster to increase yields and to reduce the cost of processes like drying, osmotic treatment, freezing, extraction and diffusion processes”, says Pulsemaster’s Information technology (IT) director and manager of the German office in Lohne, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bröring.

Marx solid state typology pulse generators

Pulsemaster can supply a range of robust PEF systems, covering a wide power range up to 100kW per system. “Our typology is a Marx solid state pulse generator with rectangular, unipolar pulse wave shape, based on the result of our experience designing, building, and evaluating over 70 PEF systems since 2009 for a broad spectrum of applications and outputs in the food industry worldwide. Each Pulsemaster PEF system is built with the highest quality German and Dutch engineering to withstand continuous operation in Industry”, says Pulsemaster’s Engineering director Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Rohe.

Honored to announce

Both Werner Kohorst and Thomas Rohe combine years of unique experience with pulsed power technology in potato processing. “All PEF systems based on Marx solid state typology and running succesfully in potato industry in Germany, US, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Australia, India and China to make French fries and crisps, technically originate from the work of Werner Kohorst and Thomas Rohe. Their skills and expertise to design, build and install PEF equipment have been recognized within the Industry. Stefan Bröring has joined to take information technology (IT) development in Pulsemaster to another higher level and coordinates the German office. We all continue to invest in the development of our PEF manufacturing and sales capabilities. We are honored to announce that Werner Kohorst, Thomas Rohe and Stefan Bröring have joined Pulsemaster”, says Pulsemaster’s Managing director Mark de Boevere.

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