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PEF Processing of potato products

Mark de Boevere

New Generation PEF Technology Revolutionizes Potato Processing

Pulsemaster, an innovative Dutch company, introduces a new generation of PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) technology that significantly enhances potato processing. This cost-efficient application is paving the way for the final breakthrough of PEF processing in the food industry.

The Pulsemaster PEF technology causes poration in potato cells, leading to cell disintegration. As a result, pulsed electric field systems emerge as an excellent alternative to traditional preheaters in the potato industry. The PEF treatment notably improves cut quality and substantially reduces the breakage of French fries. Additionally, it leads to decreased water and energy consumption in potato processing, while shortening the times required for blanching, drying, and pre-frying. Moreover, sugar leaching is enhanced, and the treatment can reduce frying oil absorption and fat content by up to 50%.

Energy-Efficient, Compact, and Hygienic

Pulsemaster’s technically advanced PEF concept is more energy-efficient than its predecessors. The new equipment offers a better pulse treatment of potatoes with a more compact and modular pulse generator, combined with a robust and hygienic transport system and PEF treatment chamber.

The new range of industrial-scale equipment, named Conditioner, offers treatment capacities ranging from 1,000 kg/h to 50,000 kg/h (110,000 lb/h) for the cell disintegration of potatoes. The total commercial-scale costs are expected to be around 1 Euro/ton (0.1 Eurocent per kg / 0.056 US Dollarcent per lb), with practically no size limitations.

Additionally, the Pulsemaster PEF systems can enhance other processes such as drying, cutting, peeling, and pressing. Applications include drying sweet peppers and grapes, peeling and cutting tomatoes, and pressing vegetables and olives. In the meat industry, PEF processing leads to shorter tumbling times.

Unique experience

Pulsemaster, with years of unique experience in pulsed power technology, operates a production facility in Bladel, The Netherlands. Their pulse generators, known for their proven track record in industry, research, medical, and defense applications, feature patented parallel switching technology for better pulse control and high reliability.

Pulsemaster is committed to further growth in the potato, fruit, and vegetable industry and is rapidly expanding its export activities. In Seattle/Bellevue, Washington, the company has established an office to serve the North American market. “Our new generation PEF technology is particularly attracting significant interest from the worldwide potato industry,” remarks Mark de Boevere, Pulsemaster’s Managing Director.

Additionally, pulsed electric field processing is recognized as an excellent technology for the mild preservation of liquid foods and beverages. It effectively inactivates micro-organisms while preserving valuable compounds such as vitamins and proteins. Pulsemaster also offers PEF systems for food preservation purposes, including new generation juice treatment chambers.

For further information, please contact: Mark de Boevere, managing director Pulsemaster BV, Bladel, The Netherlands, tel. +31 497 820300, e-mail