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Pulsemaster Liquidus PEF system

Mark de Boevere

Unveiling Revolutionary Liquidus PEF Equipment: A New Dawn for Juice Processing

In a groundbreaking move, Pulsemaster has launched its latest innovation, the Liquidus PEF Equipment, marking a new era in juice processing for small and medium-sized businesses and the scientific community. This cutting-edge system, tailored for liquids like cold-pressed juices, smoothies, purees, and even cold brew coffee, is set to revolutionize the way premium juices and blends are produced.

Transforming the Juice Market

The Liquidus PEF Equipment emerges as a game-changer, especially for smaller juice marketers looking to elevate their products. Pulsemaster’s innovative system is designed to cater to the evolving needs of the beverage industry, offering a perfect blend of efficiency and quality. It provides an optimal solution for businesses transitioning from batch to continuous processing, ensuring a seamless and efficient production flow.

PEF Processing: The Heart of Innovation

At the core of the Liquidus system lies the Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) processing. This microbial inactivation method employs electroporation, a non-thermal treatment that permeabilizes cell membranes. This revolutionary approach not only enhances the quality of the beverages but also optimizes the entire production process, bringing a fresh perspective to beverage manufacturing.

A Boon for Juice Processors

With capacities ranging from 30 liters/hour to a robust 500 liters/hour (8 to 132 gallons/hour), the Liquidus PEF system is perfect for continuous production in the juice industry. It represents a significant leap forward for small and medium-sized juice processors, offering them the technology to keep up with larger competitors while maintaining the integrity and quality of their artisanal products.

Empowering Scientific Research

The versatility of the Liquidus extends to the scientific sector, where it serves as a valuable tool for research and small production runs. It allows scientists and technologists to delve deep into the effects of electroporation on various liquids, paving the way for innovative discoveries in food technology.

Designed with Hygiene and Efficiency in Mind

Acknowledging the importance of hygiene in food processing, Pulsemaster has integrated key design features into the Liquidus, ensuring ease of cleaning and maintenance. The system’s CIP (Clean-In-Place) capability allows for comprehensive cleaning without the hassle of disassembling, saving time and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

As Pulsemaster unveils the Liquidus PEF Equipment at the forefront of juice processing technology, it’s not just launching a product—it’s heralding a new chapter in the beverage industry, blending tradition with technology to meet the demands of modern consumers and researchers alike.

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