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Pulsed Electric Field PEF

Mark de Boevere

Pulsed electric field PEF – the potential in food processing

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Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) processing is a well-known non-thermal food preservation technique, but it can also be used to enhance product quality and food production processes.

The terms pulsed electric field processing and electroporation both describe the same technique. PEF induces poration of cell membranes, hence the term ‘electroporation’. Another term used in this context is ‘permeabilization’. PEF technology can make the cell membranes of microorganisms, plant, or animal tissue permeable. This electroporation process is suitable for a broad range of food processes and bioprocesses, utilizing low energy levels.

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Pulsemaster's Solidus PEF batch unit

Mark de Boevere

Pulsed Electric Field for French Fries and Chips – Introducing the Solidus PEF Batch Unit

Pulsemaster, an innovative Dutch company, introduces the Solidus, a highly effective Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) pilot-scale batch unit under its brand. This unit is designed to determine the effects of PEF on whole potato tubers for the production of French fries and crisps, uniquely avoiding tissue damage prior to the PEF treatment.

For the first time, the food and scientific sectors have an instrument to assess the impact of PEF on plant cell viability in intact plant tissues or whole solids, such as large whole potato tubers, before installing industrial-sized PEF systems.

This advancement enables the production of industrial-scale data on benefits throughout the entire production of French fries, crisps, and specialty potato products, as well as other raw materials like sweet potatoes, cassava, and carrots, which opens up new shapes and product opportunities.

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PEF Processing of potato products

Mark de Boevere

New Generation PEF Technology Revolutionizes Potato Processing

Pulsemaster, an innovative Dutch company, introduces a new generation of PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) technology that significantly enhances potato processing. This cost-efficient application is paving the way for the final breakthrough of PEF processing in the food industry.

The Pulsemaster PEF technology causes poration in potato cells, leading to cell disintegration. As a result, pulsed electric field systems emerge as an excellent alternative to traditional preheaters in the potato industry. The PEF treatment notably improves cut quality and substantially reduces the breakage of French fries. Additionally, it leads to decreased water and energy consumption in potato processing, while shortening the times required for blanching, drying, and pre-frying. Moreover, sugar leaching is enhanced, and the treatment can reduce frying oil absorption and fat content by up to 50%.

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