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Premium dried fruit snack

Werner Kohorst

Revolutionizing Snack Manufacturing with PEF Technology for Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables

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Pulsemaster introduces its advanced Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) systems, revolutionizing the manufacturing of dehydrated healthy snacks. This technology is ideal for food and snack processors eager to introduce innovative premium snack products made from potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. Pulsemaster’s PEF technology employs a wet disruption method on plant cells before extraction and drying, offering a healthier snack alternative.

A PEF Pre-Treatment for Superior Dehydration

Utilizing PEF as a pre-treatment alters the plant cells of raw materials, enhancing the dehydration and drying processes. Pulsemaster’s PEF allows for high-speed, low-temperature drying, either above or below the freezing point. This preserves the nutritional value, bioactivity, flavor, color, and texture better than traditional methods, offering an improved alternative to classical dehydration techniques.

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